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It is more powerful when colleagues talk to each other about GoodHabitz than when it comes 'from above'.

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Do you want to be a manager or a leader? For some, the difference between the two is just semantics, but with GoodHabitz's online leadership courses, employees in your organisation will learn to distinguish between the two. In addition, you will immediately get to work on your own leadership skills. You learn to develop talent, make dreams come true and create a great company culture. However, you won’t become an inspiring leader overnight. That’s why GoodHabitz's management training courses allow you to get to work wherever and whenever it suits you!

The online leadership courses of GoodHabitz.

GoodHabitz's online management courses are developed entirely in-house. This way, we are 100% sure that the best videos, most stylish magazines, and most interesting experts are included in our training courses. Learning something new should be as fun and inspiring as the view from the top of Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower. To achieve that, you can learn with GoodHabitz in a way that suits you perfectly. Read, watch, listen and play with our educational content and finally test your knowledge with a short self-test. Develop your leadership skills step by step with the practical skills from our courses, and gradually experience how you can motivate and inspire your colleagues to be successful together.

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Authenticity, commitment, and self-knowledge. These are just three of the qualities that great inspiring leaders have in common. You too can become an inspiring leader! Discover your unique leadership style with one of GoodHabitz’s management or leadership courses. Develop yourself and work on skills such as ethics, delegation, or development management. Increase the autonomy of the teams in your organisation by coaching leadership, and learn how to motivate your employees by inspiring them with your vision. Start your first online management course at GoodHabitz today and take the lead in becoming a leader!