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The world around us is changing rapidly. All these developments and trends are affecting the labour market and the field of human resources. In the GoodHabitz blog, we look at the trends in the field of learning and development. We analyse the impact of these important trends on the workplace, on L&D and on our product. Refresh your knowledge, get inspired and explore topics that are relevant to your organisation's situation. Staying up to date and having access to new knowledge and developments is now more important than ever. Start exploring today!

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What impact does the digital transformation have on the workplace? Why has the demand for online learning tools increased dramatically? And what about sustainable employment and the vitality of your employees? The GoodHabitz blog covers these and many other questions and topics. Our learning and development experts not only share their knowledge, experiences and insights from the L&D market, they also provide their vision, share tips and practical checklists to support you and your organisation. This will allow you to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of human resources.

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At GoodHabitz, we're on top of the latest trends and developments. We follow all the ins and outs in the field of HR and learning and development. And we enjoy sharing this knowledge in our blog posts. Just like our training courses, GoodHabitz blogs are practical, fun and full of inspiring examples. We share inspiring articles and motivate you with practical examples and handy checklists. That way, you and your organisation can stay up to date with the latest trends.